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Female Developers


About us

The Bexceptional Foundation exists to achieve three goals:

1. Educate

Many girls, women and female identifying people struggle to know their worth and rights, particularly when social media and contemporary culture can share mixed messages on women's bodies, sexuality and place in society. The Foundation aims to help educate women on their rights and worth to build confidence, as well as to try and prevent harmful relationships forming in the future. Go to the Educate page to learn more. 

2. Protect 

We know that experiencing sex/gender based harm, abuse, trauma or violence can have a lasting impact on your wellbeing, affecting your confidence and happiness. We therefore try to avoid this by offering funding for counselling sessions with a qualified therapist of counsellor. Women or female identifying people can reach out to the Foundation or directly to a counsellor to arrange sessions, which on meeting the Foundation's criteria, will be subsidised up to 50%. Go to Counselling to learn more. 


Whether you've encountered a harmful sex/gender based situation or not, many women struggle with their confidence and empowerment. The Foundation aims to lift women's self esteem and confidence through a range of resources and activities to help them live the lives they want, and break free of any past pain. Go to Empower to learn more. 

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