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Bexeptional Foundation realises that there is a serious 'gap' in the protection of women in regards to sex/gender based harm, trauma or abuse against women and female identifying persons. We have the deepest respect for the other charities and services working in this area, but also acknowledge that many women who are not in a 'crisis' situation, or who experienced trauma or abuse in the past are not eligible for support, which can be very damaging for them. 

Bexceptional Foundation wants to address this by offering sessions of counselling for those in need to receive professional support. We have a fantastic team of partner counsellors who can offer you help, and the Foundation can pay for up to 50% of the cost of your sessions. Our process is highlighted below.

Counselling is available to all women and female identifying persons in England, regardless of age*, religion, ethnicity or income. You do not have to be in a crisis situation to be eligible for counselling. 

* Please note that only some of our counsellors are able to work with children. 

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Choose a counsellor from our list below. Please choose someone who you think meets your needs (e.g. good location, most relevant experience). If you need help choosing please contact us here.


The Counsellor will contact you for an assessment session where you discuss your needs. If you're a good match you will arrange your sessions. You will also discuss how much you are able to pay for your sessions and what you hope to achieve from the sessions.


The counsellor will contact the Foundation to request the funding for your sessions. Providing the Foundation has the funds in the bank, we will confirm the funding.


You begin your counselling :) Your counsellor will do an in-session assessment to determine your mental wellbeing. This assessment doesn't affect your eligibility for funding, it just helps the counsellor and Foundation to track your wellbeing over time and whether the counselling is helping you. If you have any issues with your counsellor, please don't hesitate to contact us here.


After your agreed number of sessions, if you still need help your counsellor can contact us to ask for continued support. Continued support will be approved based on the counsellor's professional assessment and discretion and the availability of funding.


At the end of your sessions you will be asked if you would like to give feedback on your support. This is voluntary and helps us improve the service we offer. If you need us again in the future, just get in touch.

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Click here to see our range of counsellors. We are constantly working to grow this team and will be adding new counsellors every week. 

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