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Some of our most asked questions. If anything else is on your mind or unclear, please contact us using the enquiry forms. 

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How do I know if my experience is/was 'serious' enough?

Unlike other charities, we do not have criteria as to the experience of our beneficiaries. The experiences of our beneficiaries can range from domestic abuse, to assault, to a verbally abusive partner, to an unsettling workplace harassment, to a one off incident of unwanted physical contact in a nightclub and anything in between. It is not up to us to tell you how to feel following an event that has upset you. Our counsellors will learn about your experience(s) and make decisions on the number of counselling sessions needed to help you using clinical psychological assessment. There is no judgement of what is or isn't 'serious' here.

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Who is eligible for counselling funding?

Any woman, girl or female identifying person is eligible for funding for at least 10 sessions of counselling as long as they meet the following criteria:

1. They can demonstrate financial hardship (not being able to afford the full cost of counselling themselves)

2. They live in England. *


Your counsellor will ask you some more questions during the assessment stage, but these are the basic criteria that you need to meet to apply for funding. 

* At the launch of the charity in January 2021 we will be rolling out the Foundation's counselling funding and service across England. Due to covid restrictions,  online sessions will be offered to all beneficiaries which reduces geographical limitation. If you want face to face counselling you may have a short wait while we build our counsellor team in all areas. 

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How do I put myself forward for counselling?

You can reach out to one of our partner counsellors directly using their contact details in the Counselling page. The list of counsellors will go live on January 18th 2021. If you are uncertain about who to reach out to or have any other questions please email the Foundation and we can help you make your choice. 

Please only contact one counsellor at a time to allow the counsellors to manage their time and us to manage our funds properly.  

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Is the counselling service confidential?

Absolutely. The counsellors will never give us your name or any identifying details about you, as required under counsellor-patient confidentiality. When they contact us for funding they will use an anonymous patient code to keep your identity secret. If you contact the Foundation directly for support we will keep your information completely confidential as per our privacy and data policies. The Foundation will never share anyone's data, ever.

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What's going on with the Educate and Empower work?

This is in progress. We hope to have information, resources and activities up here very soon. Keep your eyes peeled. You can also join our mailing list via the subscribe form on each page or follow us on social media for the latest updates.

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If I donate to you, where does the money go?

An important questions. The Foundation is currently 100% volunteer led and run, so all money donated either goes to counselling or essential operational costs, such as charity insurance. Once we've been operating for a few months we will let you know the running costs of the charity and therefore the % of donations that goes on services vs operational costs.
You can donate via bank transfer, PayPal or JustGiving at this time.

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